Young Men of Standard Youth Organization

 Young Men of Standard Youth Organization Meeting

Date:  TBD

10:00 a – 4:00 p

This is a quarterly leadership meeting that will mentor and educate by providing leadership and life skills. 

The three major components of this program are:
  • Leadership Skills – Mentoring and community service
  • Life Skills – Integrated throughout all phases of the program to help establish identity and purpose
  • Music & Arts Education – To positively help encourage and promote our youth to channel their inner artistic skills through piano, violin, drums, guitar, voice, dance, and theatre
We want to help young men to improve their self-confidence and academic achievement, while allowing them to express their artistic skills through music and arts programs. 
$10.00 Lunch Fee – Pay Using PayPal

Bring a friend!

  • Ages (8 – 18)
  • Gender:  Male only
  • Race:  All are welcome
  • Ethnicity:  All are welcome
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