Our Board of Directors

Gene Burroughs

Gene Burroughs, founder of The Music Foundation of America, Inc., is minister at Restoring the Years Global Ministries and holds a degree in Biblical Studies.  As a former manager and trainer for Darden Restaurants and Kennesaw State University, he has over 25 years of leadership and management experience traveling around the world.  The husband of Sandrea Burroughs, CEO of Music On Wheels Performing Arts Academy, Gene Burroughs brought forth a vision to increase funding for performing arts education and also start life training workshops in an effort to help shape the lives of young men in difficult situations. Through this, Music Foundation of America, Inc was born.  As leader of the Music Foundation of America, Gene Burroughs is intricately involved in the operations, fundraising and marketing of the organization. 

Sandrea Burroughs

Sandrea Burroughs is the CEO and founder of Music On Wheels Academy located at 1000 Cobb Parkway, Marietta, GA 30062. She is also the Minister of Music for Restoring the Years Global Ministries located in Marietta, Georgia. Trained in contemporary music, classical piano, and gospel, Mrs. Burroughs brings phenomenal musical talent with a rich teaching style that has been cultivated over the course of 20 years. Sandrea studied music at the University of South Carolina and Kennesaw State University. She presently holds a Bachelors Degree. Armored with a true love music, Sandrea immersed herself in various music projects that included playing piano for various churches, working for radio stations, creating radio jingles, and working as a lead vocalist and keyboardist for three independent bands that traveled around the state. She has also worked as a music accompanist and assistant chorus director for Marietta City Schools. While she made her living as an accomplished music professional, Sandrea was drawn to teaching. Thus in 2003, she decided to begin training students in music privately. Through these lessons, Music On Wheels, LLC was born in Marietta, GA in 2004. Since then, Music On Wheels has expanded to an Academy and has incorporated other genres such as violin, drums, voice, dance, and theater into its program. Music On Wheels also features a new product line of music books written by Sandrea to enhance their music curriculum. In 2014, Sandrea and her husband Gene Burroughs decided that they wanted to begin a scholarship and leadership program for youth that would also fund music programs for underprivileged youth. Thus Music Foundation Of America was born for this purpose. Sandrea presently assist her husband as Vice President of this organization which is focused on helping Youth accomplish their dreams and visions for life.

Nick Travitt

Pastor Nick Travitt is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from Atlanta City Schools he served in the United State Air Force where his God-ordained destiny to become a soldier for the Lord Jesus Christ began to take shape. Although raised in a Christian home and attending church throughout his youth, Pastor Nick’s life took a dangerous turn as he became involved in gang activity as a young man. The violence of gang life was certainly intended to be a means of bondage and death for Pastor Nick, but through the power of prayer and the ministry of deliverance it only served as fuel for his fiery testimony. After 13 years of gang involvement, Pastor Nick was gloriously saved and set free. All who know Pastor Nick can attest that he is a man of few words. However, none can deny the wisdom and authority with which he speaks. A mentor to men of all ages, Pastor Nick can be found overseeing the Men’s Ministry at RTYGM as well as conducting weekly discipleship training with men currently enrolled in the outreach program at The Shepherd’s Inn of the Atlanta Mission. In December of 2014 Pastor Nick successfully completed his tenure as an instructor for the very first graduating class of the Stepping Up men’s mentoring program sponsored by the Atlanta Mission. The goal of the program is to guide participants into embracing biblical manhood. The theme scripture of the Stepping Up discipleship class is I Corinthians 16:13, 14: “Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. And do everything with love.” This was the first class of its kind taught at the Mission, and Pastor Nick’s godly influence can be seen in the increasing number of program participants that choose to attend RTYGM week after week. Pastor Nick is a living testimony of the Scripture and biblical principle “Humility before Honor.” After faithfully serving for several years at Restoring the Years Global Ministries, Pastor Nick was called into full-time ministry. He is a diligent student of the Word of God, which is more than evident as he preaches and teaches with precision, clarity, and power. Embodying both a strong prophetic and administrative anointing, he carries a mantle for order and godly government. Through the Spirit of the Lord, Pastor Nick makes full proof of his calling, and he can be seen preaching on WATC Channel 57 as well as on the Atlanta Inspirational Broadcast (AIB), Channel 5 along with his wife, Apostle Rhonda Travitt. As a gifted lyricist Pastor Nick often collaborates with the Praise Team to deliver powerful ministry through music, rhythm and rhyme. Additionally he is an active board member for the Music Foundation of America, a nonprofit entity committed to improving the lives of youth through instruction in music and the arts. In 2015 Pastor Nick completed his studies to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries. He is also a Certified Life Coach committed to helping God’s people experience truth and freedom in all areas of life. When the Lord joined Apostle Rhonda and Pastor Nick Travitt together, a mighty force was created to proclaim the gospel and bring freedom and deliverance to the metro-Atlanta area and around the world. Together they are leading and developing faithful Believers into becoming a precise and powerful force that is preparing the way for the glory of the Lord to be revealed in the earth.

Dr. Rhonda Travitt

Dr. Rhonda Travitt is a noted author, entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach, and professional counselor. Through her hard work and dedication to her calling, Dr. Travitt she earned a Doctorate of Divinity Degree. Dr. Travitt is a Certified Life Coach and is a professional clinical member of the National Christian Counselors Association. In addition, she’s a Christian Certified Counselor of the International Association of Christian Counseling Professionals. However, her achievements extends beyond academic success to her first calling as a servant of God. Dr. Travitt is the founder of Restoring the Years Global Ministries in Marietta, Georgia where, through holy spirit, she empowers the lives of the everyday believer with her practical and biblically sound approach to teaching the word of God. As ambassador of Christ, she genuinely engages her past experiences and openly shares her heart with those seeking an empowered and fulfilled life. This calling birthed a clear and concise mission: to train, equip and send out a mighty army into a dying world. Her unique delivery of inspirational wisdom can be seen weekly on Atlanta’s WATC Channel 57 and the cable network AIB. Additionally, she serves as the Chancellor and Founder of The Apostolic and Prophetic School of Deliverance, a Christian University that trains Deliverance Ministers, Five-Fold Ministers and specializes in training on the art of Spiritual Warfare. She is the President of Rhonda Travitt Ministries and travels globally for speaking engagements. The Kingdom Women’s Empowerment Conference, founded by Dr. Travitt, is an extension of her life’s mission to enhance lives here and now with eternity in view. The Conference is hosted each year by Dr. Travitt and gathers women from across the United States and the Caribbean for personal renewal and applicable strategies for whole-life improvement. Her audience also extends to readers across the world, including university campuses. In 2012, Dr. Travitt authored Rejection and Rebellion—The Twin Towers, an internationally distributed resource which has proved an invaluable text for counseling professionals as well as for those seeking self-help. Seeing a need to restore God’s people back to proper spiritual health, Dr. Travitt was inspired to open a professional counseling and life coach practice. The National Empowerment Professional Counseling and Life Coach Association was launched in 2013 through the zeal and passion to help God’s people seek healing and restoration. Dr. Travitt functions as an advisor to ministerial colleagues across the nation as well as a corporate Life Coach and mentor to individuals within a variety of professional arenas, from entertainment to publication to entrepreneurs in the finance and personal care industries. In addition, Dr. Rhonda Travitt serves on the board of The Motherless Daughter’s Foundation as a marketing representative. The program offers support to teenage girls who are without mothers. The mothers are incarcerated, deceased, or emotionally unavailable to reach these young girls. Through the program, Dr.Travitt mentors and encourages young girls to reach their dreams, inspire success, and understand their worth. Her commitment to reach the lost expands beyond the lines of age, nationality or gender but to the multitudes who are seeking help. By invitation, Dr. Rhonda Travitt serves on the Board of Examiners for the National Association of Christian Counselors. She also serves on the Board of Regents at the Christian University of Southern Indiana and as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern Indiana & New Direction Theological Institute. She is the editor of R-TYM Magazine, a quarterly publication geared toward strengthening families and the community through practical instruction and spiritual insight. In 2014, Dr. Travitt was honored by being recognized as one of the 100s List Most Powerful and Influential Women of Georgia. Dr. Rhonda Travitt resides in Georgia with her loving and devoted husband, Pastor Nick Travitt. Together they proclaim the Gospel and convey the theme, lives restored, destiny fulfilled in the fullness of God’s time, based on Joel 2:25.

Sophia Jones

Sophia Jones is the owner and operator of SW Bookkeeping Enterprises and a Tax Professional of H&R Block.  Sophia brings over 18 years of experience in Accounting, Business, and Tax. Sophia will help in monitoring business performance and cash flow. Her responsibilities will also include overseeing and delivery of annual budgets, expenditure tracking, operating budgets and a range of financial plans. Working with various departments, she will be able to help provide direction and leadership to planning their budget and ensuring compliance and statutory reporting.

Joyette Holmes

Joyette Holmes is a native of Valdosta, Georgia.  She earned a Doctorate degree from the Univeristy of Baltimore School of Law in Maryland.  Serving as a member of the Cobb County Branch of the NAACP, Joyette was featured as one of Cobb Life Magazine’s “20 Rising Stars Under 40” and named as a Woman of Achievement for the Cobb County NAACP.